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    Pest Management Professional(PMP)Centeris a core platform of CHINA CERTIFICATION & INSPECTION GROUP (CCIC)FUJIAN Co., LTD, which is specialized in pest control, monitoring, evaluation and quarantine. Fujian CCIC Southeast Quarantine Treatment Technology Co.,Ltd.  is our subsidiary company which isspecialized in quarantine service. Our center always adheres to the concept of “eco-friendship” and “scientific management” in order to provide comprehensive and effective prevention services. We provide monitoring, diagnosis, operation and tracking service at families, communities, parks, factories, enterprises,large venues, hotels, airports, ports, ships, air-crafts and other places. According to target environments and biological activity, we treat pest and its habitat as a whole by monitoring survey, scientific pesticide application, comprehensive prevention and control and then implement pest management by adopting effective physical, chemical, biological measures. By establishing aset of professional pest management system, we can help achieve the goal of prevention and control, and comprehensive management. Based on quality assurance system, management system, operation specifications and technical requirements, PMP center can provide the safest, most effective, mostscientific pest control and management for customers.

    Qualificationand Honor

    • Professional pest control institution approved by Fuzhou Patriotic Health Campaign Committee Office

    • Membership of The Chinese Pest Control Association(CPCA)

    • Vice-chairman member ship of Fuzhou Pest Control Association

    • Grade A certification for pestcontrol service operation issued by CPCA

    • Grade A certification for pestcontrol service operation issued by Fuzhou Pest Control Association

    • Approval certificate of entry and exit quarantine inspection unit issued by Fujian CIQ

    •  Dangerous chemicals operation license

    Personnel Construction

    PMP center has many professional technical staffs covering the fields of plant protection, preventive medicine, animal medicine, plant pathology, animal and plant quarantine and so on, and in which there are 4 master's degree, 20 undergraduates. We now have 32 professional pest controllers and 18 quarantine personnel, whichis in the leading position in the same industry.


    PMP center has an areaof approximately 1100m2,with professional laboratory including the insects breeding room, the sample pretreating room, authentication room, microbe culturing room, pesticide effect testing room and independent pesticide & equipment room. The regions of lab are clearly defined and the experimental equipment is complete. We insist on using the current international advanced and effective pest monitoring and control drugsand technologies which is also in line with national standards.

    Services Production:

    Pest Control Operation: We focus on the concept of professional pest management, and advocate the use of unnecessary chemicals to reduce environmental and humanimpact. We provide customers with [monitoring + analysis + operation +tracking]" four in one "service model to form a service chain covering the whole process of pest control. Our center adopt green PMP conceptto design service plan, and focus on improving the health environment and usingmethods of physical control, Strengthening awareness of prevention and so on tocontrol pests.

    Contact Us
    • China Fujian Fuzhou Mawei Kuaian Jiangbin East Avenue No. 75
    • Business connection: 86-0591-38301323
    • Complaints Hotline: 86-0591-38301319